US We are photographers and directors Mimi Giboin and Coy Gutierrez. We capture hotel life in it’s entirety: architecture, food, people and lifestyle. Capturing architecture takes a keen sensibility, and patience. Lifestyle imagery takes a good director to work with the cast while keeping an eye on the overall picture. Running a good set takes professionals, fun, and caring people. All of which we think we do a pretty good job at :) Let’s have fun & celebrate your world of hospitality, together.

 - Mimi & Coy                             

TEAM COY/Lead Photographer- Coy’s strengths are directing/working with talent. The high energy you see in our imagery is a direct reflection of Coy. Everyone loves Coy :)

MIMI/Photographer-Architectural photography and food are Mimi’s forte. No people please:)

AARON/Stylist- Our director of styling. If we have talent on set, you’ll want Aaron there. He’ll work with you until he understands the mood you are going for. Not only is Aaron extremely dedicated and talented he is fun. He makes you feel good inside and out!

KEEP IT LOCAL Whenever possible we love to work with local team members, native to the area. This gives us wonderful insight, we get to contribute to local economy and make new friends :)

GROWTH We welcome and support all the growth of our team memebers. It’s a natural part of evolution for assistans to learn from photographers and move on when they are ready. We’ve all done this and support it 100%.

WHAT WE VALUE We are committed to doing the best work possible for each client. We are all hard workers. What we value most in life though is not necessarily hard work but good work, good health, and good people. Treating people with respect and kindness is a big deal for us. And laughing A LOT is super important!